Get Happy - New 2015

Jane Churchill "Get Happy"

Jane Churchill proposes a whimsical world for children in 2015 with upbeat colour combinations and energetic patterns. Magic castles and dream dresses appear on furnishings with FAIRYLAND, while wondrous beings from the natural world make their way into the home with GET HAPPY’s delicate butterflies, INTO THE WOODS’ foxes, rabbits and owls, and 'WILD THINGS’ exotic giraffes, flamingos and crocodiles.

The leaping bunnies of MARCH HARE and colourful hounds of HOT DOGS offer contrast with their more stylised graphics
of animal figures. Retro shapes bring Sixties charm in POP CARS, echoed by the vibrant letters of ALPHABETTI, punchy flowers of PINWHEEL, and sketched constellations of SHOOTING STARS.

Stripes, polka dots and geometrics introduce abstract style with the artistic circles of SPOTTY DOTTY, sweet stars of TWINKLE, spotted spirals of LOTTIE, and fresh diagonals of ZODIAC STRIPE. ZIG ZAG is both playful enough for young children and stylish enough for soon-to-be grown-ups, as are the sprigs and seedpods of the pretty FLOWER POWER.

These cheerful patterns are presented variously in delicate stitch-work as embroideries or with contemporary clarity as prints, set off by a classic plain weave, LISSON, which proposes the perfect counterpoint in lilac, red, blue or two pinks.

Continuing the fun onto the walls, the new series of papers includes the forest characters of UP A TREE and a zippy
DISCO STRIPE, along with a selection of the fabric collection’s lively new designs.

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